Mission Statement

The University of Memphis Alumni Association engages alumni, former students and friends in three challenges: advocating the ideals of the University, advancing its welfare and fostering life-long relationships with the institution.


Enrich the lives of our constituents by providing opportunities for engagement with the University to assist them in establishing lifelong, meaningful and valued relationships with the University of Memphis and each other.


To be the gateway to the University of Memphis and the alumni community, meaningfully engaging alumni in activities, programs and services while entrusting them as the guardians of the University. Based on its mission, vision and goal, UMAA’s actions will be guided by four strategic initiatives that will drive annual operating plans, will be informed by feedback from its constituents and will be tracked and measured for success around selected key indicators. The UMAA will adhere to the core values of respecting, informing and engaging alumni and friends of the University of Memphis. The UMAA Executive Board of Directors and UMAA staff will review this plan
each fiscal year preparing and distributing an end of the year progress report. This plan is intended to be long-range; it is designed and written with flexibility that allows for adjustments and updating as necessary.

Strategic Initiative 1
Build esprit de corps within the community of the University of Memphis alumni and friends. Create relevance through active and meaningful engagement with current and former students in the life of the UofM and with one another. Grow membership in the UMAA through focused and directed activities.

  • Develop the university’s presence among alumni where they live and work.
  • Bring alumni to the campus and other U of Memphis facilities.
  • Expand communication with alumni to keep graduates informed about institutional issues and opportunities and to instill pride in them for their university.
  • Contribute to increasing the value of a University of Memphis diploma, and ensure that activities and work products reflect the excellence of the University of Memphis and the success of its alumni community.
  • Expand programs that target graduates of the most recent decade and build relationships with students by supporting their U of Memphis experience and introducing them to opportunities for lifelong involvement with the UofM and UMAA.

Strategic Initiative 2
Motivate, facilitate and lead alumni support of the U of Memphis in all its forms through strong and committed collaboration, coordination and strategic interactions with the University.

  • Coordinate programs and communications to assist the University in its efforts to expand alumni giving and to strengthen membership and involvement in UMAA.
  • Prepare alumni to be effective advocates for public support of the University of Memphis.
  • Ensure alumni are recognized as a vital part of the University of Memphis community – a voice, a guardian, a product of the University of Memphis.

Strategic Initiative 3
Promote and advance the University of Memphis through UMAA programs and communications.

  • Actively engage U of Memphis colleges to partner with UMAA to strengthen the “student experience” and to foster relationships with students and alumni.
  • Emphasize the UofM's strategic priorities in UMAA programs and communications.
  • Continue to work closely with University Marketing to identify faculty and student speakers, presenters and stories for UMAA programs and communications.
  • Grow participation from diverse alumni audiences in UMAA leadership and programs by purposefully differentiating communication and outreach to targeted groups.
  • Demonstrate the contributions of alumni to their professions and society.
  • Increase support for students by growing the UMAA scholarship program and mentoring program, particularly through Association Clubs and Chapters.

Strategic Initiative 4
Strengthen foundational elements critical to the success of UMAA.

  • Attract influential alumni volunteers and professionals to the volunteer leadership team and retain their active participation and investment in the mission and vision.
  • Continue to operate the Alumni Center in a manner that positively reflects the success of the UofM and its alumni.
  • Use technology and best practices to ensure operations are maximizing efficiency and the alumni database is rich in content.
  • Become a more customer-focused and market-driven organization.
  • Conduct in-depth reviews of each programmatic and functional area and compare to industry best practices each year.
Together, We Make Memphis Stronger