​The University of Memphis Alumni Association invites you to be a part of future traditions at the UofM. Adding a visual and lasting symbol of our alumni and students at the foot of the Administration Building through a 10 foot “M” medallion is a way to can give back to the University. The school’s name has changed and people have come and gone, but the “M” of Memphis has always remained.

Two of the Association’s goals are to beautify our campus and to pass on traditions. “Tigers Around Town” was our first project to enhance the campus and the community. The “M” is another such example. It is our hope that students will organically form a tradition around the “M.” For example, if two students hold hands in the center of the M at 19:12 (7:12 pm), they will be destined to be married, or perhaps it will be bad luck to walk on the “M.”

A committee will continue to work on the details to determine if the final design will be in granite, bronze, etc. The required concrete work has been donated.

We appreciate your gift to future students through your donation to the Legacy M Campaign! Your gift will be recognized on our website, and all donors will be invited to an unveiling ceremony. We invite you to leave your legacy and make a gift in your name, or make a gift in honor of a friend and keep the legacy going!

Make a gift!

Help us reach our goal of $10,000!

Make a gift online here. Designate your gift to "Legacy M."

Mail a check to:
University of Memphis Alumni Association
Legacy M Campaign
635 Normal Street
Memphis, TN 38152

For more information, contact pcash@memphis.edu or 901.678.2793.

Thank you, thank you very much!

Thank you to all of alumni and friends that helped us to raise $4,500 towards our goal of $10,000 during our online giving campaign!

Andrew P. Allred
Constance Amos
Kim Barnett
Karen Bell
Christopher Bland
Davielle Boyce
Amy Cable
Jinqiu Chen
Robert L. Childers
Alexander Covarrubias
Ray Craft
Angela D. Craig
Audrey Croley
James B. Dean
Renee S. DeGutis
George Dendrinos
Dana Gabrion
Joanne Gikas
Elizabeth Green
Tara Hatley
Valli Henley
Beth Hesser
Roger Iles
Collin L. Johnson
Leah C. Jones
C. Matthew Little
Mark Long
Heather Maclin

Wallace Madewell
Joann Massey
Mary L. Merriweather
Gregory S. Nelson
Thomas J. Nenon
Jeffrey M. Orians
Phillip Poteet
Bobby A. Prince
Will Quinn
Stacie Reynolds
Dionysia Richardson-­‐Smith
Ashlee Roberts
Alex Shipman
Tona Jackson Simpson
Stephanie M. Smith
Joel Stark
Connie Thiemonge
Solime Thomas
Corina Walker
Danesha Ward
Carol Warren
Michelle A. Whyte
Yvonne Williamson
Renee Wills
Robert F. Wright,
Stephen Zanskas
David Zettergren


Together, We Make Memphis Stronger